The Author
My name is Kyle Grant, and I’m a steward of the truth. I have the greatest job in the world. I get to expose the mind of God, to the souls of God’s people.

I’m a preaching nerd. It’s an art. The most beautiful form of art that must be practiced and progressed. It is the form of art that truly does the heart best. A preacher paints true pictures of God and tells the perfect story of all time. And this he must do with all the passion of his finite heart, for it is the infinite heart of God that we proclaim.

I enjoy dark roast coffee, soccer (go Chelsea!), reading, writing, and the church. More than anything in this world, I love my family. My wife Julia is my best friend and most essential ministry help. I am the product of a preaching father (one of the greatest expositors I know) and a teaching mother.

The Vision
This page is dedicated to growing in the art of preaching, that the art of preaching may grow us. This site is a ministry item. I love writing, and love preaching more, so it seemed natural for the Lord to burden me to attempt to minister in this way, and attempt to minister is what I intend to do. I pray that this page impassions preachers. That by reading they are stirred to preach the Word, and by considering the content they are challenged to do it well.

I also desire to disciple with this page. It will be about ministry, but every believer is in the ministry of reconciliation and discipleship. I want this to be a preaching resource and a spiritual resource for any who read it. Therefore, there will be occasional posts that are much broader in scope and purpose.

Grace and peace. Preacher, preach. Discipler, disciple.

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