Why Voting Against Abortion isn’t “Single Issue Voting”

I recently posted these ten points on Facebook and it was positively received. So, I thought I’d wake from the Blog slumber and put it here.

I tire of the spiritually high-browed criticism from Christians regarding abortion as the primary basis for voting. I can’t believe I even had to type that statement. Here are a few thoughts on the matter.

1. Scripture is not silent on abortion. If you argue this, you clearly haven’t read it.

2. Voting against abortion isn’t only voting against murder. If that weren’t enough, it’s voting against the fundamental thinking that the value of life is reduced to human definition rather than God’s definition.

3. I assume (and I believe rightly assume) that a candidate who champions the death of babies will also champion other redefinition and recreation of morality.

4. It is possible to dehumanize people in other ways and they are all sin, but it is not possible to dehumanize anyone more than a baby who has been aborted.

5. Abortion is not a root issue. It’s a fruit issue. It’s a result of a belief system that affirms that humanity governs morality. A vote against abortion is a vote against this root belief system.

6. A vote against abortion is a vote for future generations, literally.

7. Biblically, a vote for abortion is a vote against the most fundamental gospel reality. Abortion says “I will take your life so I can have mine.” The gospel says “I will give my life so you can have yours.”

8. Abortion, for many, is conscience binding. So to criticize believers for being faithful to conscience, whether you agree or not, is immensely proud.

9. The obsession with one candidate’s lacking morals and acceptance of a pro-choice candidate, despite obvious and serious lacking morality is both logically and itself morally suspect.

10. If voting Pro-life is “single-issue” voting, voting anti-Trump is as well.

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