A Hike in the Himalayas- After a Year, The Blog is Back

After more than a year, the blog is back on. Frankly, I needed to readjust to life. I was in the thick of learning a new ministry role and felt that writing was taking time away from people. So, we’ll give it another go, and if it can’t be done we will drop it again. If something in life confuses our priorities, perhaps we should evaluate if that thing is a priority in itself.

Much has happened in a year. God has folded back layers of my sinful heart and revealed endless ways in which I need him, yet rely on the weakness of self. Emotionally, it’s been a hike in the Himalayas. This year I knew deepest pain and loss. My best friend and closest ministry brother, Matt Clemons, was taken unexpectedly home. The instability of emotions and void of loss were only met by the balance of God’s character and fullness of his love. I will write more of that another time.

Matt Clemons, my mentor, co-laborer, brother, taken home 12/17/2017.

It has also been a year of unspeakable joy. God brought our baby girl, Everlie Kate Grant, into the world at 12:14 PM, February 12th. Everlie can truly smile the troubles of life away. Her radiance is matched only by her mother.


My world.

In a year, I’m reminded, that the longings and loves of this life beg for better. The greatest joys and beauties of this pilgrimage are signposts to an unbroken existence and painless reality. Brothers and sisters, as we follow the signs together, let’s be stewards of the truth.

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