What Beauty and the Beast Reminded Me About Christianity

Yes, I’m disappointed there are homosexual implications in Disney’s upcoming release of this classic. No, I do not turn a blind eye to the sin that culture subtly and occasionally not-so-subtly attempts to normalize.

Here’s the deal, though, I’m here to talk about Christians and our sin, not culture and its sin. Throughout the uproar of Beauty and the Beast, I observed a few things. Allow me to share them with you.

  1. We react first and do our homework later- How many of you did a thorough study of the background, what truly occurs, and then examined it in light of Scripture? Now, the natural reaction will understandably be, “It’s sin! Why does it matter what’s really in the movie?” Valid question. It matters, for this reason, believers should be the most rationally disciplined and reservedly reactionary people in the world. Even if our reaction is correct, we are held to the highest standard of disciplined and balanced thought. When the world pushes back on our worldview, they should see a church full of rational people, not reactionary people, because it says something about our God when God’s people jump to conclusions without examining facts. I’m not defending the movie. I would not. I’m advocating for disciplined Christian thought. I’m asking us to think first and react later.
  2. We may say we think of all sins as the same, but we really don’t- Most of us like to think we have an accurate view of sin. I’m going to suggest, however, that most do not. Here’s how I know that many Christians are more sensitive to homosexuality than they would like to admit. When the blogs, anti-Beauty and the Beast articles, and boycotts began, I saw people who I know for a fact watch movies with gratuitous violence, profanity, and immorality, active in fighting against Disney and Beauty and the Beast. Look, if you think you should boycott, it’s not my prerogative to tell you not to, but it is your responsibility to at least think and act consistently. Don’t turn a blind eye to the adultery and simply use the mute button in some of your entertainment choices, and decide that you should rise up against homosexuality. It says something about how you view sin.If the main issue, as I’ve heard, is that it twists a children’s story, get used to it. It’s the world we live in. And again, you will teach your children a double-standard when you freak out about exposure to homosexuality, but simply state “that’s not funny, kids” after one of the many innuendos you may hear in any other PG movie. Be consistent. This isn’t on Disney, Christian, it’s on you.
  3. We are pilgrims, on our way to a better country- Don’t be shocked when the world does what the world does. Sin exists in this the world, after all. Realize that this isn’t the believers’ ultimate reality. We are not going to fit in here. Therefore, we mustn’t attempt to force the world to fit in with us. The gospel is enough to transform the culture one sinner at a time. Boycotting is not. Take comfort in the reality that home is ahead. Yet, take action, realizing that many around us are spiritually homeless. Don’t expect slaves of sin to act like sons of God.
    We must let the gospel transform us daily. We must preach Christ in our churches. We must show the world the fulfillment that is in living for the glory of God. Using a magnifying glass on the issues of the world, rather than a mirror for the issues of ourselves and our churches only perpetuates Christianity’s ineffectiveness. Think through this decision Biblically, and exhibit to the world the change that Christ brings.

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