Back from a Break- From Pastor to Parent Kickoff

Hello, friends!

I’m pleased to announce that is back from a brief sabbatical. Like most pastors, I map out my preaching and teaching agenda at the beginning of the year. It’s not by any means carved in stone, it changes often, but it’s a start. As I’ve been thinking ahead for my preaching ministry, I’ve established several new initiatives for myself.

One of those initiatives is to better inform parents of what their teens are hearing in my teaching ministry. As it is my ultimate goal to equip parents to disciple, and not to be the primary discipler, I hope to provide another outlet for Biblical discussion and ministry accountability through my blog.

So, I will occasionally post my sermon notes with some commentary and devotional thoughts. I pray it will provide biblical encouragement for my readers and be a valuable ministry item for our GBC parents.

You can expect the first installment tomorrow after our time in youth group this evening. We are still in our Truth in a World of Grey series, discussing everyday issues. We will devote ourselves tonight to a Biblical view of technology, its benefits, dangers, and discipleship potential.

I look forward to this new opportunity, and am glad to be back!

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