Why CEO Christians Confuse Me- Some Considerations for Christmas and Easter Only Christians

CEO Christian– One who shows special devotion to church, twice a year.

You can count on these people to show up on inherently religious holidays. I mean, it’s not like there’s an inherently religious day that comes around once a week or after all, so those two days a year are really exciting.

If you’re going to attend church this Sunday, and the last time you were there was Easter, may I encourage you with a few things?

We celebrate the humanity of Christ every Sunday.

If you feel that you should be in church this Sunday because of Christ’s birth, realize that every Sunday at a gospel-proclaiming assembly is a celebration of the man, Jesus. His birth is absolutely significant, I’m not detracting from that, but when the only major event in the humanity of Christ you celebrate is His birth, and maybe His resurrection, you are detracting from the miracle that is His humanity. Don’t show up for Jesus on the highlights of His life and think that’s sufficient. His entire life is a highlight.

Every season of your life is a season of giving.

When you are God’s, you are constantly the object of His good graces. And, if you are God’s, you are constantly to be giving. Yes, I know this is a season of giving, but if believers lived like they should, giving would be second nature, not seasonal. Our lives are made up of countless moments filled with countless gifts. If we had a correct view of God, we wouldn’t stop for reflection and an extra measure of spiritual commitment only when holidays come around.

You might not fully understand the holiday.

The reason you attend church at all is because Christ was born, because Christ died, and because Christ rose again. You don’t attend the service for the holiday, you attend the service because of the holiday. Duh, you say. Well, if you went because of Christmas instead of for Christmas, you would go because of Christ and not a particular day, which would likely result in attending church more than a few times a year. Don’t say you go because of Christ if you only go on Christmas. You can love the sentiment of a holiday without loving the Centerpiece of it.

You are in church because you are in Christ. You go to church because of Christmas, and if you’re a CEO in your attendance habits, you might prove to be sporadic in your Christian discipline habits as well. They both center around your commitment to Christ.

Enjoy Christmas, enjoy church, because you enjoy Christ.

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