Pray for Your Pastor, Because it’s Monday.



No one likes Mondays. I don’t like Mondays. You know who else doesn’t like Mondays? Pastors, pastors don’t like Mondays. This is going to be brief, but I truly hope you will consider and apply. Here are some immensely specific reasons why you should pray for your pastor on Monday:

  1. The number of people in the pew is the number of perceptions he has to maintain.  No pressure. He wonders, because he’s a man too, if he presented himself well enough on Sunday to escape Monday critique.
    Pray that he finds his identity and security in Christ.
  2. The number of spiritual needs in the pew is the number of needs he has to attempt to minister to. No biggie. He wonders, because he loves his sheep, if he tended their wounds and fed their souls as they needed and desired on Sunday.
    Pray that he finds his strength and assurance in the Christ that is ageless, and not results that are immediate.
  3. The number of personal preferences in the pew is sure to result in personal problems with the pastor. No problem. Just keep everyone happy, right? Friend, do you know how many pastors grudgingly prepare themselves on Sunday night for the emails they will receive on Monday morning?
    Pray that he finds his confidence in his calling, and comfort in the gospel.
  4. The number of outspoken unhappy people is the group of people that his family might overhear in the house of God. Too many PK’s go home knowing that so-and-so is against their daddy; and too many pastors wives go home in tears because they couldn’t vindicate their husband to S0-And-So, fully knowing know that So-And-So would refuse to listen. For Christ’s sake, literally for Christ’s and His church’s sake, don’t contribute to your pastor’s pain. Don’t be So-and- So.
    Pray that he and his family are protected from the pains of the evil one, and from the wolves within. 
  5. For every attack on the pastor inside the church, there’s a spiritual attack on the pastor from outside the church. Satan roars loudest against those with bleating sheep. Spiritual war is as real and near as the oxygen we breathe. The Devil’s army rages and your pastor is in the thick of it because he is on the front lines to fight it. He will be attacked emotionally, morally, and usually even physically.
    Pray that he remains protected by the Spirit in his spiritual purity and physical and emotional wellbeing. 

“The best of men are men at best.” Pray for your pastor. He’s called to be spiritually advanced, not spiritually invincible. Hold up his arms, by bowing your knees and lifting your hands.


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